Patrick McDonald CPA, CGA, CFP

Licensed in:Ontario, Nova Scotia,
British Columbia

Brush and floss daily and see your dentist twice a year; wish your finances were that simple? Making your finances that simple and effective is my job.

You decide what you want financially and we focus on getting you there. This focus is not only on your investments, but having the money to invest. Your income taxes are planned and prepared free of charge by myself, a professional accountant, and as a team, we will design a personalized retirement plan, estate plan and insurance plan.

The services provided rely on my masters degree in finance, accounting and financial planning designations, continual updating of these skills, years of teaching other professionals in these fields and over 20 years of experience dealing with clients like yourself.

In the end, you want simple steps to follow, and to leave the rest to your one and only professional accountant and financial advisor.